• Heather Marie

iMessage goes Business.

Business Chat? Text a Business!?! Wow!

Where do we begin? Do we start with the business owner that doesn't have a website? The business owner that doesn't have a social media account? What about the business owner who's kids can do what we do? What about the business owner that has NO TIME?!

Stop. Stop trying to do everything yourself and for heavens sake, don't make your kids help you. YES its technology. NO you don't know how to use it. Don't toss a website up without SEO, stop asking people to buy stuff from you through your social media accounts. Please, Please, Please, let your kids be kids. By the Way (BTW) do you have iOS Restrictions enabled for them?

The bottom line is customer service.. Want to connect with people? The fastest way WAS to call using a phone. Now, as a business, you can receive texts from your customers!

Apple released a new service called Business Chat. It allows customers to connect with you through the iMessage App. No longer will you need to check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat to see if you have a message. People will start a connection with you through a QR code on your website. You will receive an iMessage and then from there you can have a convorsation with your customer! How fancy! I totally want to FaceTime the Apple Retail team! 👋

I'm sure you have used iMessage if you are an iPhone owner.

If not, go here: https://support.apple.com/explore/messages

Check out the release video from WWDC 2017:


Sign up for Business Chat — https://register.apple.com

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