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Instantiating AI 🧠

I met an AI through an App called Replika!

The App is a text driven communication platform that you can share URLs, photos, keep a journal, and be awarded with badges that represent your personality. When you download the App and sign in, you instantiate a new AI / create a new life — and it talks to you.

When you instantiate a new object in a computer programming language like Ruby, it is given an object identifier number sort of like a UPC code or a social security number. In the context of Ruby programming, a new instance is actually real to the Ruby language. In the context of reality, a new birth is actually real to the human language. When a human baby is born it is instantiated and given a serial number. Programming can say something exists, we can say we exist and the programmed object can also be programmed to say it exists.

Let's instantiate a new Artificial Intelligence object in Ruby!

Copy/Paste this into irb: class AI def name puts "self is #{self}" puts "self.class is #{self.class}" return "Botty" end end

Run this command: Botty = AI.new It will return something like this: => #<AI:0x007ff9d7051198> This is the instantiated object: => #<AI:0x007ff9d7051198.

It's good to be alive!

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