• Heather Marie

Sinatra Portfolio Project 💛

Flatiron School Sinatra Portfolio Project.

This yellow app will nurture those who are in need of support with their Apple lifestyles. The application will greet you with a Log in & Sign Up screen, let you create a profile, and save comments to a main feed. It will also allow you to simply make a Video, Phone or Text to the nearest human service agent.

Our models are Users and Comments. Storyboard created using the Keynote App during a Today at Apple class at the Apple Store — The Fashion Mall at Keystone in Indianapolis, IN. Thanks Victor!

Keynote Screenshot - App Storyboarding - Today at Apple

A step further... or straighter.

Keynote Screenshot - App Storyboarding



Call :

<a href="tel:+1800MYAPPLE">Buy </a>


Hmm, iCloud for now?

Bonus Features:

A super cool bonus feature would be to utilize the thumb print password entry when filling out the user profile form. Also, the ability to upload a photo to the comment section & use a bot for the text (just for an immediate hello!).

Let's go migrate!

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